A great place to keep the kids out of trouble, get them active and interactive with others their own age
— Mrs Newton
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Juniors (11-15 Yrs)

This class is designed for the growing student. Enrolment starts from 11 years and is caped off at 15. Similar to the kids, the focus here is to build students confidence, discipline and fitness.

At the same time providing them with a deeper working knowledge and application of Martial Arts training. Using the same Kickboxing Syllabus combined with Traditional Wado Ryu, however working at a faster pace.

Students in this session will work on everything from line work to sparring and everything in-between.


Class Times and Locations

Tuesday - 6.40pm - Turpington Community Centre, Turpington Lane

Wednesday - 6.40pm - Assembly Halls West Wickham, Gates Green Road

Thursday - 6.40pm - Bromley Common Baptist Church Hall, Gravel Road

Saturday - 10.00am - Bromley Common Baptist Church Hall, Gravel Road