I’ve always wanted to start Martial Arts but was put off by the idea with training with a group of pro’s. The Beginner Class was a great place to build my confidence and fitness.
— Claire
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Beginner Adults (15 Yrs+)

A great session for those with little previous Martial Arts experience or who want to build on their fitness. 

This class is for students above the age of 15. A pure kickboxing class. Lessons have a strong focus on fitness as well as learning techniques and drills to improve your fighting ability and over all health.

The content of the class varies; including activities such as bag work, pad work, fitness drills, technique training and sparring. We also included specialised Small Circle Ju-Jitsu as part of our effective Self Defence Training System. 


Class Times and Locations

Tuesday - 7.30pm - Turpington Community Centre, Turpington Lane