We pride ourselves on offering reasonable and flexible price options for everyone. Our prices fall far below the National Average for Martial Arts Classes. Everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of Martial Arts Training. If you have any further questions on our pricing options or would like to book in for a FREE Trial Session please see our Contact Us page. 


Joining Fee

A one off payment when you join WMA to cover the cost of your Martial Arts Uniform, First Belt and Licensing under WAKO. This payment is compulsory regardless of how you choose to pay your training fee.


Training Fee

We take payments at the start of each Calendar Month. Students can pay via Cash, Direct Debit or Bank Transfer.  


£45 Per Month

Allows Students to train in up to Two Sessions Per Week


£35 Per Month

Allows students to train in up to One Session Per Week 


£55 Per Month

Allows Students to train in up to Three Sessions Per Week


£60 Per Month

Allows Students to train as many days as they wish

Pay As You Train

£15 Per Session

Payable at the start of each session. Allows students maximum flexibility. 


Family Plans

Speak To Your Instructor

We offer great family plans when 2 or more members join together.