Merry Kickmas!

Dear Students and Parents, 

Let me take this opportunity to wish yourselves and your families a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Classes are now closed until the New Year. As I believe holidays like this are a time for family I will be turning off my phone and leaving all social media for the next two weeks to spend quality time with my own. 

If you need me then please leave me an email, text, or voicemail and i'll get back to you on my return. Below are a few dates for you all - 

Az Back Online - Monday 5th January 2015 

First Class of 2015 - Tuesday 6th January 2015 (all classes on as normal from this date forward) 

Instructors Meeting - Will be replacing our fitness class on Tuesday 6th January. Apologies for any students who take part in this session but January is fitness month so things will be shifted around a little anyway :) 

Think that covers everything. Have a great time, send my love to everyone and make sure you relax :) 

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening my Axe" 

Asil 'Az' Miralay 
SKF Club Instructor