MAASIF Warriors Open 2014

A very successful competition for SKF Bromley! With seven fighters in attendance competing in Points, Continuous and Low Kick Fighting Styles. The level of fighters was high and the event was larger than expected! 

Little Adam Brown, in his second ever competition and first ever continuous fight, went out in the first round. He came up against a tough and experienced competitor. None the less, it was a great learning experience for him and I have every confidence he will come back bigger and stronger! 

Brittanie Noon, fresh off the mats of The Watford Open competed in Points Fighting. She came across a very stronger and experienced fighter from Pyramid Martial Arts and unfortunately lost 8-4 by the end of the round. However, there was a marked improvement on her fighting, and she fought a much tougher opponent this time around. She said she felt great at the end of the fight and new she could only move forward from here. Accepting 2nd place in her division.

Massimo Blair, full of confidence, stepped onto the mat's for the Advanced Cadets Continuous. He had two fights and won both of them with ease and a high level of professionalism. We couldn't have asked for more of him, and are now considering fast tracking him to fighting in Adult Divisions, watch this space! 

Alan Goldwater stepped back on the mat's for the first time in years. Jumping into the deep end with two divisions he managed to take silver in both, coming up against tough and experienced opposition in the finals. Great first effort, more stuff to come.

Carrying on the success stories Linda Brown competed in the Advanced Ladies Continuous. Winning a tough and closely fought semi final only to meet her own sister in the final! The two showed great respect and technique and Linda was awarded the win. Showing what commitment to regular training provides you! 

Luke May made his return to Points fighting. Winning his quarter final and semi final by 5 clearing both his opponents. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances he was unable to compete in the final where he would have met SKF Bromley instructor Az Miralay, who also won his quarter and semi final bouts. With Luke unable to continue Az was awarded 1st place with Luke accepting 2nd. The mission was a success, all Luke said he wanted to do was step on a mat, and theres no doubt in anyones mind that he did that. 

All together it was a very successful day for SKF Bromley, and we are now looking forward to the SuperLeague in March. A big well done to everyone who competed and a huge thank you to all those who came down to support.